Member Jungle Product Release February 22

Here is a summary of the new features added in our February 2022 release. Our January Release (released on Australia Day) had a couple of tweaks that you may also find useful.


The Advanced Search now allows you to multi-select Membership Levels, Products and States. You can Enable Multi-select in the option down the bottom of the pop-up.  So for example you can search for a Full Member (Level) who has 1 or three year membership (Products) and reside in NSW or ACT.  We think you will find this super useful to group or even bulk email different member sets.

Email Campaign

The Membership Advanced Search is now also included in the Member search part of a linked Email Campaign.

We have also made some timezone improvements to the timestamps used in logs.


When canceling an Event Ticket you can now also refund or partially refund the ticket purchase to the purchaser.

There are some caveats (there are always some caveats!) 

  • You have to use the Member Jungle Payment Gateway or a connected Stripe Standard account
  • The maximum you can refund is the purchase price less any payment gateway / service fees (unless you have your own Stripe Standard account).
  • It is for individual refunds only
  • We need to configure your payment gateway to enable refunds (so contact us if you'd like this turned on)
  • If you have already received the money, the refund will be withdrawn from your gateway linked bank account.


You can disable your tax rate (eg GST) for International purchasers of memberships, products and events.

There is a Site Wide External/Xero item account code to use as a default when you are generating Xero Exports. This is in addition to the Membership Xero item code (which will override the Site Wide code if it is set). This setting is under Organisation Settings in the Profile menu for Site Administrators.

CPD Log and Events

For those customers with the optional CPD Log module, you can set CPD points earned in an Event and when the attendance is marked for the event, then a CPD Log will be generated for the attendee.