Member Jungle Product Release - Feb 20

This is a mega release! Lots of performance improvements across the system and a swag of new features.

Here is a summary of the new features added in our February release of 2020. This release includes some significant performance improvements for both the front end of your website as well as member administration. It's a big release and we hope it makes your membership management even easier.


Simplified Membership Statuses

We have simplified membership statuses to Expired, Current, Pending, Archived and Removed.

  • Members may show multiple times (as they can now be both Expired/Current AND Pending).

  • Removed now incorporates all types of removals (signup rejected, transferred out of level, removed from level, role manually removed via security etc).

  • The search will default to Expired, Current and Pending if no statuses are selected (can no longer search for empty status).

Form Submissions

Added ability to view all form submissions for a member which can be reached via:
Member Search → Dropdown Menu → View Form Submissions
OR Account Details popup → Membership → View All Form Submissions.


We have re-written the member searches so things should be much, much quicker with large member bases.

Subscription Products

Added ability to renew a cancelled subscription product.

New Data Report

Added a new Data Report, which shows all data submissions collected historically, with a cutdown search feature.

Reject Pending Renewals

You can now reject Pending Renewals.

More control over Auto-Approvals

Added ability to control auto-approval of renewals separately to signups. So you can manually approve signups but have renewals auto-approved.

Member Import

Member Import available to Item Administrators (previously only available to full Site Admin).

Contacting Members

View Only membership admins can bulk email and directly email all members from the Membership module.

Other Membership tweaks

Improved ability to renew, approve, remove, archive and restore members.

Further standardisation of date formats.

Altered the member export dropdown to display all actions in the dropdown list.

Improved ability to search form data fields.

Improved ability to complete a signup/renewal if payment failed.


Improve links to downloadable products after purchase both on-screen and in order notification email.


You can now restrict who can access Chat within the Member Jungle App and who can create new chat conversations. The default level of access is 'PUBLIC' i.e. all members in the app, and you can restrict it to particular security roles.

For example you can limit the Chat just to committee members.

Chat is available in our Essentials, Standard and Premium packages. Contact us to activate it for your Member Jungle site.

(A new release of the App will come out in the next couple of days to support this functionality).

Other Improvements

Improve front end performance.

Content Blocks - there are now more editor options to format text.

Improvements to mobile device access to administration functions.


Plus we have squashed a few bugs that have popped up along the way.