Member Jungle Product Release Mid-October 21

Special release to support COVID vaccine status for members.

As our countries and states are coming out of various COVID-19 restrictions as vaccination level milestones are reached, we have introduced a new feature into Member Jungle.

To help clubs track member's vaccination status for events or entry to a club or meeting, we have released the ability to track that a club admin has seen vaccination proof.

In the Member Pop-up (Member Details) there is now a switch to track that the proof has been sighted. 

Against the Member in that pop-up, you will see a tick next to their member number. This tick is also shown in Events registration lists and is journaled in the member's Notes.

It is also shown in the Member Jungle App (new version to be released today v1.5.9) in the Members List shown only to administrators. The Members Card in the app will also have the phrase 'VACCINATION PROOF CONFIRMED'.