Member Jungle Product Release Dec 20

Here is a summary of the new features added in our December 2020 release (released early Jan 2021) including some significant changes to Admin reporting and settings.

Admin Area Restructure

We have moved a few of the general Admin Settings to be more logically placed under the profile menu (top-right, under your name) rather than in the Dashboard Area.

As part of this change we have implemented some significant new features for Site Administrators.

  • The ability to see and request changes to your Member Jungle package (Subscription and Billing).

  • Under Organisation Settings you can now maintain Authorised Contacts as well as appoint full Site Administrators (access to everything in admin area).

  • Also in Organisation Settings we have re-organised settings to be logically grouped.

  • SEO Tools, Site Maps and Google Analytics tags as well as Head and Body code adjustments are in Content Management in Organisation Settings.


Site Administrators are now highlighted in the list of system accounts.


In administering form fields for your Membership Level, Gender and Date of Birth fields have been split from Account Settings into separate fields. This allows then to be moved around in your field list but also allows fields like the Date of Birth to be made "required" (mandatory).

Any Membership Products that have been secured (ie restricted to other levels or roles) are now highlighted with a locked icon.

Product Catalogue

You can now customise the email address used by the Product Catalogue. It is maintained in the Global Settings section of the module and allows email sent from the product catalogue to use this as a reply-to address and all orders will be forwarded to this address. If it isn't specified it will default to the main Website Contact email (not in the new Organisation Settings area).


The latest version of the Google Analytics code is now used on your website if you have Analytics ID set.