Member Jungle Product Release - Dec 19

Here is a summary of the new features added in the latest release, our last release for the year. Merry Christmas to all and have a great break (if you can get one!).


Site Payments Report

The Site Payments report has been given a couple of tweaks to the exports available. The standard Export to CSV also now includes the Member Number and if you are using external system IDs, they will also be included.

If you have a Xero code setup in Member Jungle (Membership --> Settings --> Global Settings) there is now a Xero Export available. This would be especially handy if you also tracking your members in Xero. You can do payments report for a specific remittance / settlement and get all transactions for that settlement. These can then be imported into Xero as Invoices, then approved and reconciled.

Membership Payments Report

The Membership Payments Report has an update to the CSV Export to include the External System ID if used.


New Activity Report

We now have a report version of the Activity Widget. Under the Reports menu, the Activity Report allows you to examine the audit logs across your membership system. For example you can narrow down to one member, or just payments, messages, etc. in addition can use keyword searches like "Address Changed" to see changes to member details. All with a date filter and the ability to then export the results to CSV for further analysis in your favourite spreadsheet program.

Bulk Archive of Current Members

You can now Bulk Archive current members. Previously this was only available for Expired members.

Preparation for Additional Products

We have implemented some behind the scenes changes for the ability to offer products during membership signup and renewal. For example you could offer donations to charities, purchase of club merchandise or add-ons to the signup and renewal process.

Stay tuned for an update on this exciting feature in (very) early 2020 when we will release it to all Member Jungle clubs. 

Settings & Help

There is now a centralised Settings and Help area under your profile menu. All site settings are linked in one spot as well as quick access to module specific help. Search the Help Portal, Create Support Tickets or Book Training all from one spot.

Plus we have squashed a few problems caused by mischievous elves that have popped up.

Merry Christmas!