Member Jungle Product Release August 21

Here is a summary of the new features added in our August 2021 release

It includes some significant changes to our course module. Maybe, during our lockdowns, paid courses may be a great way for you to increase revenue for your club.


Archiving of an old Member

When you Archive a Member, you now have an option to permanently delete that member. This will remove them completely from the system and you will never have access to their details again. It's brutal but there may be a situation where you wish to complete remove test accounts or people who have signed up and never paid.


Under Organisation Settings you can set Authorised Contacts. One of these contact types is Account Contacts. This nominated account contact will receive all invoices, billing receipts and remittance advices from Member Jungle.

Course Module

The optional Course Module has been significantly re-written. Major changes are:

  • You can now custom build forms per course
  • Full integration with MySite area for Course students
  • New payment management
  • New Course certificate functionality
  • New student interface making it easier to navigate around course chapters


There have been a few improvements both performance and interface across the whole system.