Mailing out to Members

How you can print mailing addresses and member cards to post to your members.

To access the Members Area you need to login to the website and have Editor Access of the Membership System.

  • Click on Membership in the top navigation bar.
  • On the far left in the navigation click on “Members”.
  • Click on the Advanced Search icon at the top left of your screen.

  • Use the advanced search for filter for all of the members that you wish to mail to. Note: The maximum that be exporting to mailing addresses is 1000.

  • When your results are returned on your screen, click on the down arrow next to the "Export to CSV" button (located on the far right).
  • You will see two options, one to export mailing addresses as a pdf with no other information, and the other to export their mailing addresses with a Member Card included.

  • Select your desired option and a pdf will be created on your computer for you to open.
  • Each member will have their own page in the pdf. Note: Members that have never previously been approved or do not having mailing addresses will not export.
  • The pdf can then be printed out and optionally you can then overprint with your letterhead or any other generic information.
  • Both pdf options can be folded to fit in an DL window faced envelope.