Login Report

How to view details on when and how often your users are logging in and using your membership system.

The Login Report shows the number of times a User has logged in to the Website in a selected date range and can be isolated to search by Account or Login Platform type.

To view a Login Report, select Login Report from the left hand menu while under the Security module. 

  • Enter the Date Range that you would like to view the Login's for.
  • Enter an Account Name if you are troubleshooting logins for one particular user, otherwise leave blank.
  • Choose a Login Platform, Any, Mobile Application or Website.
  • Select the type of search:
    • Summary: See the names, email and number of times a User has logged in during your selected date range.
    • Detail: The detail view will show the usernames, emails, dates and times each User has logged in during your selected date range.  It will also show login failures with a description of the USERNAME used and whether the user logged in from the App.  If the USERNAME in the description field is different to the system username for that user it will show 'attempted login details: and the username they tried.  This will help troubleshoot issues with members not being able to log in.

Your results below are the results of a Summary search.

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