Importing SMS Subscribers

How to import subscribers into an SMS Campaign.

Important: SMS Campaigns are currently only supported in Australia.

If you wish to import subscribers into an email campaign click on the "SMS Campaign" button in the left navigation and select Import SMS Subscribers.

You will see instructions on what fields you can import located at the top of the screen:

  • The first column is always the Mobile Number.
  • The second column is the first name if the subscriber is a person.
  • The third column is the last name for a person or the name of an organisation if the first name is blank.
  • The fourth column must contain a Y for subscribed and N for unsubscribed. This is case sensitive.
    • Invalid values for this column will be ignored.
    • If the Subscriber has unsubscribed on your site, they won't be re-subscribed by this process.
NOTE: The file that contains the subscribers to import must be a .csv file and ONLY the first four columns will be used for importing. 
  • SMS Campaign: When you have your CSV file ready for import select the SMS Campaign that you wish to import into from the drop down list. NOTE: You CANNOT import into a linked campaign or a campaign that has a module associated with it, as the mobile numbers addresses are dynamically created from other modules that subscriber lists will not be used.
  • Ignore First Row: If your csv has headings select "YES" for ignore the header row.
  • Delete Prior Subscribers: All current subscribers will be deleted as part of this process. To override this behaviour uncheck the "Delete All Prior Users" option.
  • Match Unsubscribes: If you have included the 4th column on your spreadsheet as N and would like to update users to be unsubscribed click YES here. 
  • Import File: Click on the Choose File button and browse your computer to find your import spreadsheet and click "Open".
  • When you are ready click on the "Import Button" at the bottom of the screen.

  • You will see a message on the screen to tell you that the import is processing
  • Then a message will appear on the top of the screen to tell you that the import was successful 

You will also see a list of the result from your import

Rows may be skipped for the following reasons

  • Missing or invalid data
  • Subscriber already exists
  • Subscriber has been unsubscribed or deleted

Invalid Users may 

  • have incorrectly formatted details
  • have spaces in their mobile number 
  • you have empty columns that require information