FAQ: Why cant I renew a member?

The reasons behind why you may not be able to renew a member.


Why cant I renew a member?


There are a few reasons why a member can't renew.

  1. There are no products available for the member.
    • Check that there are products available for the member to purchase (either a Renewal only or Standard product).
    • Check the permissions for a product. The member may require a specific role to purchase the product.
  2. The member is not within the 'Leeway Days' for the membership level.
    • Check the Membership Level's Leeway Days setting. This sets a number of days before a member's expiry date that early renewal is available.
    • If the membership level has a fixed expiry date, the leeway days applied to this fixed date instead of the member's expiry date (although they will normally be the same).