FAQ: What's the difference between Pages, Modules and Widgets?

Key points on what Pages, Modules and Widgets are and how they work together.


What's the difference between Pages, Modules and Widgets?



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A page is the first place content can be added to your website.  When a page is created you can enter content directly in the page editor or you can add widgets to the page that display module content or custom content.
A plain page is shown by this icon rtaImage (79).

Other pages have different icons to show the page is significant like the home page or is tied to a module. e.g. rtaImage (80) rtaImage (81) rtaImage (82).


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Modules are independent plugins that allow different functionality on your website.  Examples of this are our News, Blog, Store, Business Directory and many more.  Module outputs can be added to pages via Widgets.


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Widgets are a collection of various design and module outputs that can be added to pages to perform additional functionality, like, collecting data via a form or to display module output differently, like displaying Upcoming Events on a page.  Click the Widgets button on any page to view current widgets or add a new widget to the page.