Business or Member Directory Module

How to use and maintain your Business or Member Directory.


  • The directory module is used to make a contact directory of business and members.
  • It stores names, contact details, descriptions and images/logos in a directory on your Website.


  • To add a Business listing, click on Add Business from the left side menu.
  • Complete the fields with the Business details. Fields with a * are mandatory.
  • Once you have completed the form, click Save & Close

  • Your listing will then appear in the Business Directory listing.
  • The listing will require Activation to be live on your Website. To do this, click the red toggle switch next to the new listing. This will turn green when the listing is Activated.

  • Once the listing is Activated, it call be viewed by Users, on the Directory page on your Website. 
  • Below is how the above listing will appear on the Website (colours and styles will vary depending on your Website styling).


  • Activating a trial on a listing activates the listing, and gives it a one month expiry from the current date.
  • To Activate a trial, click the icon  from the Directory list next to the relevant listing.


  • To Edit a listing, click Businesses from the left side menu, and select List/Edit Businesses.
  • Locate the listing you would like to Edit, and click on the Edit icon  next to the relevant listing. 
  • Once you have completed your changes, click Save & Close at the bottom of the page.


  • To Delete a listing, click Businesses from the left side menu, and select List/Edit Businesses
  • Locate the listing you would like to Delete, and click on the Delete icon  next to the relevant listing. 
  • Click OK on the pop-up window, to confirm.


  • To view the statistics of a listing, click the Statistics icon  from the Directory Listings admin area
    Click "Other" from the left side menu, and select Statistics. 
  • The Statistics area will show;
    • The listing name
    • Number of Natural Views - Clicks from the link in the Directory on your website
    • Number of Views via search - Views from search Engine links
    • External Links Clicked - Number of links to external websites that have been clicked from this listing (ie - the business website etc)
    • Clicked While Featured - Number of times the listing was clicked while listed as a featured business in the Directory
  • The date ranges can be altered by clicking one of the pre-set buttons, or manually entering custom date range 


  • The Allocate Owners section is used to link your Members to the Business listings as the business owners. 
  • To Allocate Owners, select "Other" from the left side menu, and click on Allocate Owners.
  • A list of all the registered Users will appear, along side a list of all the businesses in the Directory.
  • To narrow down the User list, you can use the search fields at the top of the page.
  • You can check one User, to a single, or multiple businesses to link them as the owner.
  • For a user to appear in the list, they need to have been given the "Listing Owner" Role. See Creating Roles and Permissions for users  for more information.
  • Once you have checked the User to the Business, click Save & Close. 
  • The User will now show as the Business Owner on the Business Directory listing.


  • To export a list of businesses and their addresses from your Directory, select Other from the left side menu, and click Business Address Export.
  • Click the  button. 
  • When prompted, click the Save button to save the excel file to your computer.