Approving/Rejecting Pending Members

How you can approve or reject a pending member.

To approve a pending member you need to login to the website and have Editor Access of the Membership System.

The main reasons that a member will be sitting in pending are:

  1.  If you have chosen to have manual approval required
  2. If you have a manual payment option turned on i.e. direct transfer that needs manual reconciliation
  3. If they have attempted to pay via an online payment gateway and it hasn’t gone through. To see their status for these cases click on the Notes icon next to the members name and read their recent activity.

Confirming Member Payment and Payment Method

Before approving a pending member you should first confirm payment has been made.  You can see that a payment is pending approval on the Pending Members Widget.

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 9.16.27 am

To review details on the payment, click on the Pending Hourglass Icon and it will show details of how the payment was going to be made. Once the payment has been received, click on the Confirm Payment button and the member will be approved and send the "Welcome Email."

Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 9.18.08 am

Approving/Rejecting a Member in the administration area

To approve a member click on Membership in the top navigation bar. This page by default is set to have a pending members list at the top of the page. 

  • The approve column may show two different icons (see image example above);
    • The  Payment icon is used to enter the receipt of payment for a pending (new or renewing) member. Once the payment details are entered, admin can approve the membership.
    • The  Approve icon is used when a payment has been made, but the member requires approval from admin to proceed.
    • The Reject icon is used to reject a member's renewal.  You may then need to process a refund for a member who's paid by credit card.  They will then have a status of 'removed' but still have a User account they can login with.
      Rejecting a new member will will move them to a status of 'removed', they will still have a User account that they can login with, so they have the option to join again.  Also an Admin has access to find the 'removed' member and 'add to level' if need be, in the case they signed up to the wrong product.
    • If you wish to review more details about the members application click on the notes icon to the right of the member.
  • To approve the member simply click on the green “Approve” button. It may take a few seconds to process all of the required information in the background. The status will change to approve once the processing is complete and the member will be moved to the current members list.
  • This process can also be carried on on the Members page, which is accessible from the left side menu.
  • The members page does not have an Approve column. Instead you will need to click the  icon, which will give a list of options;
    • If the member has paid, a red * will appear beside the icon, and the first option on clicking will be "Approve Member".
    • If the member is pending payment, the first option when clicking the icon will be "Add Payment". Once you have added the payment details, you will be able to approve the member.

Approving a Member in the Mobile App

As an administrator, you can approve a pending member without leaving the mobile app. To do this, login to the Mobile App as administrator, and click on the Pending Member icon to see a list of any pending members. 

rtaImage (21)-1

If you have any members with the pending status, you will see them listed. 
To approve a member, click on the thumbs up icon. 

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