Abandoned Orders

Find out what an Abandoned Order is, and how to manage them in the Online Store Module

Why has the order gone to Abandoned Orders?

  • Orders go to this section when the user abandons the cart at any stage of the order
  • If the ordering process is not completed
  • If the process was completed, but the payment was unsuccessful

Finding and order in Abandoned Orders

  • You can find an order in one of two ways; 
    • Complete the search fields to carry out a search for the order
    • View the list of unprocessed orders below the search field

You can process these orders if payment has been made by another means, or that the payment had processed and the order was placed in this area due to a third party processing not registering correctly with the system. Click on the Process Now icon. The order will now be placed into Order Management as payment pending. 

You can view the journal of the order by clicking on the icon next to the order. This will give you information on the order, including what stage the order got up to prior to being abandoned. 

To delete an order from this section, click on the delete icon.