Sales Reports

Running and viewing reports on your sales in the Online Store Module.

The Online Store Module comes with powerful reporting options.  To access the sales reporting functionality go to the Online Store Module and then click SALES REPORTS on the left-hand navigation.

Quick Report Buttons

To run a quick report click any of the four buttons with your chosen date range.

rtaImage (12)-4

Custom Dates Report

To run a report with custom dates simply select your desired dates using the date picker or enter the dates manually.
rtaImage (13)-4

Viewing Sales Reports and Insights

Once you've run a quick report or custom dates report the output will be filtered and shown on the screen.  You then have a number of options to view different report insights:

  • PRODUCT SUMMARY: this is the default insight
  • INDIVIDUAL PRODUCT: enter a single Product ID to view detailed information for that product
  • SALES SUMMARY: a summary report of sales for the period
  • SALES BY CATEGORY: a report based upon product categories
  • DETAILED SALES: same details as the SALES SUMMARY but also includes links to orders and invoices
  • CUSTOMER REPORTS: report on top customers by order value and quantity

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