Order Management

Managing your product orders through the Online Store Module

The Order Management area of the Online Store is used to view, update and process orders that have taken place via the store. 
To get to the Order Management area, from the Online Store, click Orders in the left side navigation, and select Order Management. 
This page shows a list of recent orders and their details. 
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There are several options for the orders on this page;

  • Order # - The unique order number. Clicking this number will download the order invoice in PDF format.
  • Order Date - The date the order was placed on via the online store.
  • Store User - The name of the purchaser on the linked customer account
  • Delivery Name - The name of the receiver for the shipping details
  • Deliver To - The shipping address for the products. Clicking this information will show the full shipping address.
  • Delivery Method - The chosen delivery method for the purchase.
  • Payment Method - The method in which payment was made 
  • Coupon Code - The coupon code used for the purchase, if applicable.
  • Amount - The total amount payable/paid for the purchase
  • Status - The status of the order.
  • Pmt Processed - The status of the payment. Clicking this icon will edit the status of the payment.
    • rtaImage (6)-1 Indicates that the payment is not yet processed.
    • rtaImage (7)-1 Indicates that the payment is processed.
  • Ship Now - The shipping status of the order. Clicking this icon rtaImage (8)-1will edit the status, and give the option to show the tracking number for the postage. 
  • Delete - Clicking this icon will delete this order
  • Cancel - Clicking this icon will cancel this order. In the case that you keep an inventory of stock via the online store, this may not update in the case of a cancellation. This may need to be updated manually. 
  • Journal - The Journal history of the order. Clicking this icon gives the ability to add a journal entry to keep notes on the order. 

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  • Pick List - Clicking this will show a pick list for the order. This can be downloaded as a PDF.

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