Downloadable Store Products

How to set up downloadable store products in the Online Store Module.

It is possible to sell items in your store, which upon payment, are downloadable from the user.  Eg; Video, Documents etc. 

To do this, you need to create a product in the store category you require the item to be in (for more information on setting up categories, see Creating and Managing Product Categories in the Online Store Module ).

Create a product without variants in the category, and complete the fields in the details tab.

  • The product name/Short Desc is a required field and will be the clickable heading in the store to open the page to more details on the product. 
  • You can add brands, internal product ID if this is of use to you.
  • Add the stock that you have on hand if you wish - this will automatically reduce as this item is sold, and will therefore keep an inventory for you. 
  • If your unit of measure for this product is different from the store default, you can add this in the next field. 
  • You may wish to add a product description to give more details about this item. 

  • Add the Master Price, and any special price and tax rates relevant. 
  • Once you have completed the details page, click save.
  • Click the Files tab at the top of the page. 
  • In the "Product available for download" section, check the box to confirm the product can be downloaded. 
  • Select and upload the file into the next section.
  • Give the file a link name. 

  • You can download more than one file in this section if you choose. 
  • Click SAVE & Close. 

When a user purchases this item, they will be sent an email of confirmation. The user can then log back in to your site and click on the My Store tab in the My Site area. The downloadable product will be visible at the top of this section, and able to be clicked on to download.