Account Details

This is where you view and edit personal details.

Account Details

The Account Details area, is where you can view and edit your personal details and password. 

  • To enter the Account Details area, click on the Dashboard tab from the top menu bar, and select Account Details.
  • You will see all your current details. Edit any details you require by highlighting the field and typing the new information.
  • When you have completed your edit, click Save & Close

Account Creation - Add Title to account (Mr, Mrs, Dr etc) - Admins only

Now an Admin can edit the Form fields for 'Account Creation' under Membership levels and select an option to add 'Title' to the captured data surrounding Account Creation.

  • Click 'Form Fields' under the relevant membership level and then click 'edit'.


  • Tick the 'Show Title' box and then this extra information will be captured and displayed when viewing a members details or exporting member details.

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